Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Marculossus reached Level 30 and because this is a round number I decided to do something big for him.
Since we are in Canada and he can't see his companions anymore I thought I have to bring them back for him somehow.

So here comes my recipe for a great Level-Up-Present for someone from the games industry.

Contact his fellows, scold them for not coming to Canada and blackmail them therefor 
so they do what you want. 
That was easy 

Introduce your project to them and convince them that this is something totally great in 
which they definitely want to take part. 
Peace of cake

Now start with the template
first design idea                                              second design                                                  finished template
the finished back for the cards

Think about some rules and skills. You will need them later.

Make some pictures of your beautiful face and transform yourself into heroic fantasy figures.


Put everything together and make much more characters.


            this is the one and only character I played in Larp

this is a character I still want to play in Larp


I made the card for Andi as well. He is a professional visual effects artist and you can take 
a look at his imdb portfolio here.

Do everything you can to hold the group together and squeeze more heroes 
with their own amusing face out of them.

So here comes Alex. He is actually a writer so he took some pictures and filtered them to 
something artsy. Everything is allowed!



If you are able to read german or if you want to learn it while training your laugh muscles 
you can buy his book here.

And here comes Elli

She has no portfolio because she spends to much time with working for others....

Felix didn't have much time so he made this quickly, but that's no problem since it came out 
well anyway.


Felix is a matte painter and also the founder of "Glarify", a worldwide working app for artists 
and galeries. You can find informations about his app here and his portfolio here.

Then we have Murad, a young but very promising concept artist. His picture is almost 
completely his own work.

Murad is shy so he doesn't want to show you something of him. Ooookaaaaay....

And last but definitely not least we have the hilarious Timo here. A concept and 3D artist 
with the most awesome face ever!



You can take a look at Timos portfolio here. He painted some of the pictures and photobashed 
the others.

Print it out. Hurry if you lost to much time with preparing!

Make a nice package so everything comes in handy and neat.



I carved in the title and the world, finished everything and made the inside.

Et voilá, like the french say. That's it, you have a blasting present. 
We made 28 cards in total and we're pretty proud of it. 


We didn't play the game yet but we will try to figure out some playable rules. 
But the Marculossus already is the happiest adventurer of the world with his mighty fellowship
in hand!

Happy Birthday!

+ 470 EP for Inventiveness
+ 60 EP for Photomanipulation
+ 50 EP for Handcraft

!!!  Important Note  !!!
These are mainly photomanipulations, so we used a lot of material from the internet 
(pictures, concept art etc.). We haven't asked any of the people behind the original works about permission to use it because this is not for commercial use. This is just a present!