Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We were on a mission last weekend and this mission led us to Toronto. 
Five hours away from Montreal we didn't know where to sleep and so, after we amused 
ourselves on the road with this...


...and compensated it with this...


...and after we survived this!...

Bloody hell!!! These were the most confusing, terrifying, frustrating and exhausting highways ever! And at some parts 
it was extremely full even though it was sunday...

...and after we shook off this truck out of a horror movie...

...we camped in front of the city and gathered some strength for the next day with a
campfire, stolen corn from a nearby field, water hiking and chipmunk feeding.

raccoon footprints

And we also took a look at the lake Ontario which gives you the feeling of beeing at the 
Baltic Sea.


Toronto definitely has it's nice views but for us it was just exhausting to be there. Too many 
cars, too many people, way too busy, extremely confusing road design and parking is 
absurdly expensive. After we got a parking space and bought two tickets (accidentally) we 
still got a parking violation ticket about 50$ (and we still don't know why; the parkometer 
was directly alongside our car...).

Nevertheless we had some nice vistas!





And we got this awesome japanese cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu's! 
Don't miss it when you are there. Seriously!


And we saw this...


But despite of the views and the cheesecake I have to admit that I'm very happy that the Marculossus' profession brought us to Montreal and not Toronto.

After that trip we needed some fresh air to settle again and so we took a look at the 
wondrous Cheltenham Badlands.

And we made a stop at the McMaze farm to walk through the mazes and kiss the nature.


fun with light in one of the indoor mazes

Have a nice week

+ 820 EP for Exploration

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