Monday, August 22, 2016

Last week we headed to the Mauricie National Park for our first canadian nature visit. 
We camped three nights at one of the backcountry camping places you can only reach via boat. 
So we rented a nice canoe und there we go.





The first night we slept just one hour due to all the crazy new noises and the knowledge of 
black bears. But luckily we didn't saw one.
But you have to hang your food in the air because of them and that's enough to get some goosebumps.

If you want to hear what we heard in the night check this out!

We saw a lot of these birds on the lake but we never imagined that this sound came from them until we found this!

We also didn't see any moose or beaver which is a bit sad but to know that they are around is already great.
Instead we were visited by some nice mice!

That's the only moose we saw...

And Hamlet chilled at home as usual.


I made him a scratch wheel

+ 230 EP for Exploring
+ 40 EP for Wilderness Survival
+ 10 EP for Zookeeping

downloades song from  

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