Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Slowly we feel more and more comfortable here. At the first of july almost everyone is moving to another flat our house. This seems to be totally normal here because leases always last for one year, always to the first of july. Moving trucks costs double at that day and they warned us about the heavy traffic everywhere. 
So we move as well of course!

But now some reports from the last days.
First the good things...

und nochmal auf Deutsch

Food Tour
Thanks to our friends in Germany we could make a nice food tour. 
We started in an area were the band Arcade Fire was born (I already knew them long before 
so this was nice to see) and standing infront of the Ubisoft building we learned that the 
surrounding cafés, bakeries, restaurants and fast food stores are very excited about the so 
called "Ubiwave" from monday to friday around noon, because all of the employes come out 
of this building and would kill for something to bite. So be careful. If you are hungry around that 
time in that neighbourhood you might get nothing to eat there!
We startet the porkfest with some really nice falafel in "La Panthère Vert" were they sell they compost so that you can grow your own falafel in your garden. 
Then we drank some seriously amazing hot chocolate with a little brownie in it in "Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois" whose owner is right now buying a small plantation to grow cacao there 
with the old methods of the maya and not with standard lucrative modern ways. Simpatico!
After that we went to "St.-Viateur Bagel". There we ate a delicious piece of pizza. 
Just kidding, we ate a bagel of course. 
Since some years I don't eat any flour products anymore but before that I loved nice moist dark bread. But I couldn't do anything with dry white bread. But I gave the bagel a try of course. I'm 
no barbarien. But what can I say? I can't do anything with dry white bread....
But it was nice to see how they were made :)

The next stop was the "Théâtre Rialto". A nice small theatre, well decorated with a 
combination of normal theater seats and dining tables infront of the stage.

In the "Drogheria Fine" we got some tasty selfmade gnocchis with tomato sauce after we got 
hit by heavy rain and made our way through a bycicle race (there are a lot of bycicle races here).
And finally we nibbled some freshly made salami and cheese at the "Boucherie Lawrence" 
were you can look into the vitreous cooling chamber and watch the butchers at work. They also 
sell some other nice stuff and even make you tasty looking burgers.

Yes, this food tour is nothing for vegetarians.

und nochmal auf Deutsch

Eva B
I discorvered this crazy store by chance on a really hot day. They gave me selfmade lemonade 
at the entrance and I didn't know were to head first in this curiosity shop. Two floors brimful 
packed with crazy clothes, accessory, hodgepodge, books, jewelry, some food and these 
german songs vinyls!

"Sung in german"!

A great store to hang out, get dressed like someone else or just sitting at one of the many 
sofas in and outside and talk to your new friends.

und nochmal auf Deutsch

La Ronde
We bought a year pass for the amusement park at the Île Saint-Hélène. I think there is nothing more I have to say about this except of "AWESOME".
In the next months we will try every roller coaster until it nauseates us. We are especially 
excited about the virtual reality coaster!!!

und nochmal auf Deutsch

And last but not least I have to praise the Montrealers for all the plants and flowers. As soon as spring started they got on the streets and planted flowers everywhere. And everything is 
surrounded by trees. From higher places it looks like Montreal is a forest with some buildings in it!


And so many animals!



And now some bad things...

und nochmal auf Deutsch

So many Sirens
Even in Berlin, one of the more chaotic citys in Germany, I haven't heard that many sirens. 
That's a bit alarming. And I have to say that I think that they sometimes missemploy the sirens. 
I saw some things in the last days that lead me to that guess.

und nochmal auf Deutsch

More crazy Riders
I really really like this city. It's beautiful and the people are so nice. But as soon as the 
Montrealers are sitting behind their wheel something terrible happens with them!
They become abnormal carefree and selfish that it gives me the creeps. They seem to absolutely 
not care about what happens outside their car. I experienced that by myself more then ones now and it wasn't funny...

Ok, and at last a crazy thing

und nochmal auf Deutsch
The Belief
We were in the Saint-Joseph's Oratory of Montreal. A beautiful church. It was sunday. I wore hotpants with naked thighs and the Marculossus a black band shirt with a white latin cross on it. The cross was printed upside down and there was a skull inside. Uuuups!
First we laughed about this but then we entered the church.
I don't want to blame anybody for their beliefs, I don't want to say that this is wrong and I don't laugh about it. Everybody can do and belief what he/she want's. We are free. But for us this was 
a bit frightening.
It was a normal sunday and the church was full of normal people with normal clothes. Some of 
them were tourists but most of them prayed. And I don't mean that they prayed like in Germany where sometimes you can see an old lady or gentleman silently sitting in a pew, maybe praying 
a bit or maybe just thinking about what they should eat today. 
No, they were sitting there with folded hands and a really serious look in their faces. 
They fell down on their knees in front of the main altar. 
They lined up (!) to touch the feet of a Jesus at his cross and to pray there as well. 
And at least we found a small chamber tomb with a big black coffin made of stone with a lot of people standing there and putting their hands on the coffin while praying.
And not just the elders. Jounger people and even kids as well.
Europe is where this belief came from, but I never have seen something like this ever before.
I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the Marculossus and I gathered some seriously evil eyes 
there. We were a bit afraid that someone would attack us verbally because of our clothes....

But the church is really nice!

I was afraid of taking more pictures...
Especially the older part of the church is very beautiful, but I missed to take some pictures there

und nochmal auf Deutsch
Ok, this post was long enough!

+ 520 EP for Exploration

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  1. Ups, Christianity is NOT rooted in Europe, but it came to America from Europe (colonialists). No hard feelings, please!