Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"When you feel like being spawned in the wrong starting area"

You signed in as a mighty death knight but a bug placed you in the middle of a "cute" elven city? 
You are sure you are japanese but somehow you were born in Germany? 
Well, the latter is what happenened to me.
First I compansated that feeling with reading mangas and watching animes, later I started to 
learn japanese, twice and unsuccessful. And right now I'm absolutely into japanese cuisine (washoku). And I have a lot of time..... So the kitchen table looks every day like this now:

nochmal auf Deutsch für Großmutter


I really love to discover new ingredients and new ways of preparing food!

Making of the Tamagoyaki with nori

selfmade Miso-Soup with selfmade Dashi and selfmade Matcha-Icecream

selfmade Dangos and first selfmade Mochis

I will not posting any recipes here (the internet bursts of them) but there is one thing I would 
like to show you, because I think, everyone who ever tried to make onigiri for the first time had some annoyances with this. There are different instructions in the net but my personal best I 
found out by myself.
Here it comes:

Put some rice onto plastic wrap and squeeze it tight...

...until you have two of those nice triangles for each Onigiri.

Spread your favourite filling on one half and put the other one on top. 
I took a standard tuna-mayonnaise-wasabi-filling here.

Now you have this sandwich which you wrap in plastic wrap again and squeeze it until the 
edges are closed with rice. Later I startet to put some additional rice at the edges before putting the other half on top. That gives a much bigger onigiri and bigger is better in that case!

Protected from drying-out you can transport it now. And the nori also stays crisp thanks to the plastic wrap!

And when you finally found a nice place in the park where you want to savor your onigiri you just have to remove the foil and wrap the algue around it instead.


On the following link you can find the rice recipe that made me happy:

I just enriched it with a nice sushi-rice seasoning

I don't know if a genuine japanese would cut of my hands for this production method but several days ago I bought some onigiri in a japanese store here and it looked like they were maybe made this way.

The most important thing is the taste anyway. Enjoy!
+ 480 EP for Cooking


  1. wtf gibt es etwas was du nicht kannst?? Das sieht alles so superlecker aus ;;

  2. Haha, es gibt noch viel zu viele Dinge die ich nicht kann :D Merci :)