Tuesday, July 26, 2016


This city really never sleeps at this time of the year. Maybe it's because the winter is so hard 
that most of the people would try to escape if they did not had so much entertainment in summer. 
I have to admit that I am a bit afraid of the harsh winter that lies in front of us.
But right now everything is just great.

For two straight weeks a part of the St-Denis-Street was a big circus. With small shows and workshops and also some bigger events. I love acrobatics!


Additionally there is a bunch of fireworks over the whole july in La Ronde. We saw only one 
till now but there will be a few more and we will go again. It's amazing.

We played this crazy game.

There are public pianos everywhere in the city. People can just play on them. 
I saw it several times. Such a nice idea!

And here are some more impressions from Montreal.





And we ate lobster!!!

And we watched some art...

Beeeeewwwwbs                                ?                                          

Ah, and it's getting green at our place. Since then we hate these cute squirrels because they eat 
our tomatoes and herbs....


And E.T. is haunting me....

Hilarious sweets store "Freak Lunchbox"

Well, the rest of the month we were occupied with our new home. It's still pretty empty here but the sofa, beamer and playstation are on their way. What else do you need?
And as long as we wait for the Playstation we play some board games.

Wish you a nice week 

+ 80 EP for Exploration 
+ 10 EP for Home Improving

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