Monday, May 2, 2016

The first contact

We are there!

Now we have to study the mannerisms of the natives so we don't attract to much attention! Therefor we first have to figure out the differences to Germany.

Cent pieces
1- or 2-cent-pieces don't exist here. So sometimes you spend a bit more money at the meat 
stand when they round up, or you get something back when they round down. That's pretty 
useful since you have less heavy coins in your purse.
But in general you mostly pay with a nice small plastic card anyway. That makes you less 
attractive for highwaymen!


What you see is not always what you get.
Whereas in Germany every price tag has to display the real price this doesn't mean that this 
has to be the case everywhere else. In Canada the stores and restaurants don't have to add 
the taxes on their pricemarks. You have to add them by yourself before you buy something or 
you have to wonder when it comes to payment.
Sadly to say, I mostly wonder...

Car drivers
You really have to be fearless on this streets because the canadian riders really are a bit more careless then the german ones....
But we try not to show them our nervousness!

Driving bus
You don't know the land and you don't have a map? Well, Montreal doesn't care. The bus 
doesn't display waypoints so you have to guess when to stop it to get where you want to. 
Otherwise the bus just keeps rolling.
Or you have one of these nice electronical maps in your distance speaker which shows you 
your exact position in each second. That's the way I handle this since I'm here.
Maybe there is some sort of magic I can't see...

!!!It's everywhere!!!

Batch quantities



Dietary supplements
They seem to love this stuff.

sorry, bad quality hip shoot

And this amusing shelf is just the tip of the supplement iceberg

So, now that we figured out these singularities we can start to explore the new area. 
And Montreal has a lot to give!


And the Marculossus can begin his first day in the new blacksmith. 
I hope they don't bully him!

Mostly heard phrase in the last weeks:
"Tu veut un sac?"

Mostly uttered phrase:
"I'm sorry but I don't speak french."

+ 610 EP for Exploration

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