Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sometimes it's a first time

And we had a lot of these first times lately. For example...

...we tried to make friends to the famous giant squirrels.

...we saw a real chipmunk (fortunately it didn't sing).

...we ate our first poutine. This stuff is heavy!

...we discovered coloured cauliflower. Well, everything is possible...

...at least I saw baseball bats and footballs for the first time.


...we bought a duvet (well, we had to, because small one-man-blankets don't exist here).
This is something I really have to complain about! I absolutely dislike these monstreous 
blankets which you have to share with your partner. You can't crumple, pull and wrap them 
around you like you want to, because there is always someone else under this blanket next 
to you. Groaarrrr! 

I mean, I like the Marculossus but I want my normal blanket back...

...we were at a cat café. 


Yes that exists in Germany too, but we never visited one before. Nice, but ..äh...strange...

...and we were in an arcade store!!!! 

I am sooooo sad that this is not existing in Germany, as far as I know. This will not be the 
last time, Jurassic Park simulator!

+ 770 EP for Exploration


  1. Aaaw damn ihr habts schön dort :) Ein Katzencafe würd ich auch gerne mal besuchen!!!