Friday, May 20, 2016


 Today is Hamlet's birthday (well that was at least the vets guess since he is an orphan). I never could refuse him anything so he just got the castle he wanted. The Marculossus and I quickly 
went to conquer one and now Hamlet is a lordly lord!


Unfortunately this had some bad consequences on his manners.

He is taking drugs again...

I found this under his sleeping pillow. Please, not again!

....and he acts like a character from a dramatic stage play.


And while he is devouring his awesome angus beef we will raise this Black Cat wine on a toast 
to him.


And here is another picture of him just because it is his birthday.

In the middle of the midlife crisis

He became 8 by the way (that would be 46 years for a human!)

Happy Birthday Hamlet!

+ 80 EP for Zookeeping    

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