Thursday, March 29, 2018

The winter is much longer this year and even I - who loves snow a lot - starts to become slightly depressed by now. 

Because of that I thought I dig out some travel pics from our trip to Madeira in 2015. That little paradise island that lies just in front of the shore of Africa but strangely is part of Portugal. A tiny island that bombards you with all 4 seasons at the same time (bring every pair of shoes you have). A tiny island that has dry stone beaches, but also jungle like forests, just some minutes apart. A tiny island that will just totally amaze you. 



You get into your car while the sun is burning you to the ground and when you drive around a bend (they have a lot of bends there because the island is full of serpentines!) you get hit by extremely dense fog that wasn't there a few seconds ago. Then after the next bend it starts hail all of a sudden and you find yourself in a heavy storm. And that all while your car is rolling nose down in a 45 degree angle! 

So yes, driving is nothing for milquetoasts there, hiking as well with all that steep slopes, but my it's so beautiful! 


Ah, I almost forgot the snow in the mountains. Uh, and the best tomatoes I ever ate. And the best Pastel de Nata, too (well, they're Portuguese after all).


To say it with my most favorite X Files quote: 
"I have never seen anything like it!"

And at last a little treat: I became distinguished mention in the artAscend "HAPINESS" competition with my symbolic oil painting! What a surprise.

And the best: you can buy it! Click the Logo below to my all new etsy shop (with just a single product for now, haha).
And now let us all keep fingers crossed for actual spring....

+ 430 EP for Exploration
+20 EP for Sales Talent

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