Tuesday, February 27, 2018

There is so many action going on right now that I hardly find the time to post it. So I have to make this short, I'm sorry...

Some weeks ago I went snowboarding for the first time of my life! Well, not really snowboarding, more slither, stumble and wobble... I hit my head so hard several times that I wasn't sure my brain would make it. But it's still with me and it was fun and I'm confident that I will be an amazing snowboarder one day, ha!
the only picture I could take; 
was so freaking cold that day...

       Furthermore, our furry companions finally ventured out! 
I trained a lot indoors with both cats so that they get used to harness and leash. Goku did extremely good, he didn't make any weird movements with the harness on. Hamlet mutated to the typical weasel but he was walking better on a leash. 
That went all so well that we already went three times to a cottage in the countryside and we will do so as often as possible now.
Goku doesn't like it yet so I just left him inside the cottages. But Hamlet is walking outside on the leash as if he never did anything else. I'm so proud!

And last but not least I discovered oil painting as the new love of my life. After I studied some master paintings I heard of a competition from ArtAscent. And now, a month later, I submitted my entry! The theme was happiness. That's too cheesy for me, so I put it in a more dramatic light. It will be for sale when it's completely dry. 

oil on board; 25x15.5"

I already have an idea for another competition that is starting in March. Wait for it!

Ah, almost forgot that I also painted a wedding gift for a collegue of Markus. Something nerdy ;)

oil on board
damn, I need a better camera.......

Oh, and I'm on instagram now! There is a nice new button for you in my fast travel section 
of the header, if you want to take a look!

And I became Level 29 in december. I will try not to earn any more EP to stay 29 forever!

hanging around somewhere north of Montreal

+ 30 EP in Exploration
+ 470 EP in Painting
+ 200 EP in Animal Training
+ 120 EP in Courage

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