Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Winter is here. The news warned that it will be a very harsh one and that everyone should 
get prepared. Well, I guess that means staying inside, drinking hot chocolate, playing games 
and ...... learning french.
We already had two power breakdowns and we covered all our windows in plastic foil. 
That seems to be very common here....

Well, that was some days before Christmas!

But I don't care too much about the cold and so I was at an indoor shooting area for air guns 
(which is just at the other side of the street) and we made a funny beer trip to the "Beau's Brewery".

And my crafting streak struck again!
I bought this stuff

And after some hard work and many blisters...

 became this!

And I decided to participate at the Artwar contest from Cubebrush. 
You can take a look at my stuff here: 

Oh, and on the quiet I became Level 28!

So, since I'm pretty sure that I will not post that much in winter I wanted to point to the 
great Montreal-blog. If you are new here, or you need some tips for a short visit or you already 
live here since a while but your ideas for freetime activities run out, this is the site to go. 
It's always up to date and primful with insider tips. I'm so happy that I found it so soon. 
Just click the following link and be prepared for so many places you want to visit then. 

Merry belated Christmas!

                                                                                we couldn't find a nice star for the peak...

+ 520 EP for Handcraft
+ 60 EP for Exploration

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