Wednesday, November 23, 2016

And somehow we managed not to see a bunch of reddish-golden trees. 
And we didn't saw just one halloween costume.
I don't know how that could happen......

But at least we took a look at the "Garden of lights" installation in the botanical garden. 

                                                                                   thats me in a bell

In the chinese part we saw an awesome pipa player. I'm in general more a fan of Japan but 
when it comes to traditional music these energetic pipa songs just rock!

And we also visited the wonderful insect collection.

Nature is one of my favourite concept artists

The rest of autumn we stayed inside and put our feet up while we ate banana popsicles, 
watched brash squirrels (so many squirrels on our balcony!), enjoyed the last warm days, 
watched cats in the cat café again and visited the Dawson College for a little 
indie game exhibition.

                                                                                college kid

So nothing exciting.
- 70 EP for laziness....

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