Friday, May 5, 2017

Now I waited so long to write a new post that I just can bombard you with pictures.

We survived the last snow.



Goku is still with us and he will stay. To be honest, life became much more stressful with him
 but he is so damn cute that we can't let him go anymore. There is still some fighting between
 them but the overall situation is better than some weeks ago and Goku is long not giving up on Hamlet and he seems to feel very comfortable.



The birds on the balcony brought them closer together!

Besides improving our balcony for summer I destroyed our new wonderful coffee table...

But just to make it even better!



Yeah, my first drawer!

We also went to the Game of Thrones  Live Concert but I was a bit disappointed from that.
 Way too little focus on the music itself. But still a nice event.

And we visited the butterflies in the botanical garden. Amazing!





They didn't wanted to sit on me as well. Must be the male sweat...

I would love to have a bonsai one day....

Our french is also getting better and I'm working on my portfolio.
 I picked a theme for it this time. A warhorse tribe. I'm still in the sketching phase.


Oh, and I discovered a new hobby: Micro Macrame. So relaxing. Still need a lot of practice
 though, but fun is fun.

And last but not least I cut my hair again.

So, enough!
+ 340 EP in French
+ 200 EP in Zookeeping
+ 160 EP in Handcrafting
+ 40 EP in Drawing

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