Thursday, April 28, 2016

Previously on "Apropos Zora"
a summary of the last 10 years

If you are heading to foreign waters you always leave something behind.
Holey socks you didn't want to throw away all the time, a piece of furniture you fell in love with 
but which doesn't fit in an airship and of course your much-loved companions.
But you can't help it, you have to say goodbye!

Goodbye to my two best friends!


Goodbye to my nice flat!

Goodbye to everything I have done so far, like....

...stepping into the shoes of some old masters


...seeing lots of naked people 

It's all about lifedrawing

...being a point of interest even by myself
fotoshootings, posing and being an extra in a movie
I tried everything



...discovering the hinterland
"Wanderlust" is a german word by the way!


...having many faces




....and working with the great Drink&Draw-Team.


If you are into drawing, masquerade or insanity this might be something for you.
You can find them on Facebook for example

Just follow the following link!

Goodbye Berlin!


Goodbye fellows!

And also an immense gratitude to Thomas Kupferschmidt who saved my life!

- 1030 EP in Socialisation

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